Relief for Children in Jordan

“On behalf of the Meningitis Foundation board, and the children, and myself, allow me to thank you for your efforts in making life more pleasant and happy with your marvelous playing especially for those who are in much need for that feeling. Please accept our great appreciation, respect and love.”

Sana Masri, President of the Jordanian Meningitis Foundation



In Jordan, hundreds of thousands of children live under the poverty line. Descendants of Palestinian refugees, third generation refugees, still live in crowded refugee camps in extreme poverty. Since the break of the war in Iraq, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have fled Iraq, and settled in Jordan, also in refugee camps. Many children have lost their families and homes, and now face the realities of living as a refugee.

Music Workshops

Several times a year, Prelude sponsors therapeutic music workshops in different centers in Jordan. The workshops are coordinated and hosted by different local organizations (see right column), and are given by professional music educators and volunteers. During the workshops the children listen to music, dance, sing, play musical and social-oriented games, and experience playing on music instruments such as percussion, guitar and cello.

Recently, Prelude donated a kit of percussion instruments for a center for refugees in Marka.