Picnic for Children at Beth Jala

Humans Without Borders is a volunteer organization devoted to helping West Bank Palestinian families whose children require medical treatment only available in Israeli hospitals. Each week dozens of children and members of their families are conveyed by volunteer drivers to and from border crossing points to hospitals in Israel. In the hospitals, our volunteers assist in communicating between the staff and parents and visit children during extended periods of hospitalization. Humans Without Borders also runs day trips to the sea and the zoo for the families of the children undergoing treatment (including their siblings.

Volunteers in the organization are active on a regular basis without the need or wish for any recognition or compensation. The warmth they receive from the Palestinian families is quite sufficient. In spite of this, with the active support of the Prelude Foundation, the NGO decided to initiate a new idea – to bring together all the volunteers and the Palestinian families for a fun day.


On May 25 we met at the Everest hotel in Beth Jala which is a delightful spot – fully accessible to both Palestinian and Israelis – perched on top of a hill overlooking the serene undulating countryside of Bethlehem. Some 35 Palestinian children, who are being treated in Israeli hospitals, and their parents, brothers and sisters, were joined in the hotel’s garden by several dozen Israeli volunteers of Humans Without Borders to enjoy a picnic and wonderful entertainment. Volunteers brought food and drink and plenty of balloons.

Palestinian parents and Israeli volunteers quickly renewed old friendships and new ones were forged, much helped by Gamila, the President of Humans Without Borders, and Manal, who coordinates the volunteer drivers with their Palestinian families. A magical entertainment program had been prepared for the kids. Ohad had the kids transfixed with amazing soap bubbles, Fabienne had them clapping and singing along with her, and Fadi had them laughing at his clownish antics. It was a joyous occasion and an uplifting one. The children were able to forget their pain and suffering for a few hours and their parents had the rare opportunity to relax with friends.

For more photos please visit: https://picasaweb.google.com/preludefund/FunDayForSickChildrenAndTheirFamilies