Circus & Dance Training

We recently subsidized circus & dance training for a young talented Palestinian named Omar Arar.

Children watching one of the circus performances 

Omar has been volunteering with Prelude for many years, helping during summer camps, running circus workshops with children, and assisting with translation. He has been studying at the Palestinian Circus School, and now needed our help to complete professional training, so he can perform, teach and work with hundreds of children.

Omar practicing

 Here is what Omar had to say:

I am Omar Arar and I live in Palestine. I am nineteen and I like music, circus and dance. When I was 13 years old, I started practicing circus arts at the Palestinian Circus School in Beir Zeit. Today, I am a student, a trainer and a performer. Throughout the year I help teach circus arts to children between 5 and 10. I also study and teach dance in my free time, to children. During the summers, I do free performances with my school, for the people around the country. Travelling between the places consumes all my time and resources but I love working with children because they are our future and because it makes me happy. If I succeed to teach them well, they will continue keeping these arts alive. I also want to study psychology and combine circus and dance to specialize in dance therapy. I want to thank Prelude for supporting me in my work. Thank you!

Certificate thanking Omar for his volunteering work with children with disabilities

For more photos from the training and performances, click here.